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    We Create Elegant Art

    EVACO cooperates with the famous German brand Alno cabinet and owned its general retail agency authority in Ningbo and national engineering agency authority. Through the learning and communication with international brands, EVACO fully absorbs its unique design style. At the same time, according to the Chinese people's living habits and modern household concepts, we have developed scientific design in line with ergonomics, under the premise of retaining artistic style. With elegant proportion of space interconnection, concise and luxurious lines, supplemented by environmentally friendly and durable imported materials, with bright and bold color matching, which made EVACO products show a fresh and refined feeling with convenience and practicality.
    We Grasp the Precise Craft
    The manufacturing plant of EVACO located in Shanghai, China, which adopts intelligent production technology in the industrial 4.0 era and high-end manufacturing technology of Germany, also imports advanced SCM furniture production equipment from Italy. The production team had rich experience and mature technology, adhered to the pragmatic and rigorous style of German brand, Integrated industrialization, intellectualization and individualization into the products, which have lots of advantages in improve quality, optimize process and personalize customization of service. All production of EVACO strictly implement the EU quality certification system to ensure that the quality meets the high standards of German technology. And the raw materials used to reach Japanese F☆☆☆☆ environmental protection grade, which can bring you artistic enjoyment and create a healthy living environment.
    We Insist on Comprehensive Service
    EVACO cabinets provide personalized high-end customization, as while as bring you the integrated product services. From exclusive customization, tailor-made, door-to-door delivery, fine installation, further to one-click after-sale, to ensure the quality. Though a clear division of cooperation and systematic management system, EVACO ensures your home life carefree and elegant. Our company had two major logistics systems, self-operated and outsourced, which provided high transportation efficiency and timely delivery of products. We had selected franchisee and exclusive regional agents of each city, not only to ensure products quality and style, but also to provide you with timely and accurate after-sales protection.